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Price: 65 KWD

Quarter ‘Til Midnight – Metallic Peacock


Kinetik Project – Springbox 2 – Black Natural


El Von Videl Schnook Nu Core 2.0 – 1984 Scene Zebra Stripe


Fun Board – Metallic Blue – 5’1″


Parks Modello Edition – Flash White


Happy Hour Modello Edition – Poolside Blue


Kinetik Project – Flexbox 1 – Caffeinated Natural


One Time Bomb Core w Fuse Stringers – Man Mint Black


Parks I-Beam Air Core 3 – Translucent Blue


Vault – Metallic Blue


Vision – Yellow White Doodle

Price: 120 KWD

District Park – Wood Grain GP Yellow / Azure Blue – Available in size 134

Price: 120 KWD

District – Black Pearl / Green – Available in size 138

Price: 80 KWD

Humanoid O”Shea Pro Wakeboard 144cm

Price: 60 KWD

Bandwagon ATR – Standard – Centre Court Green

Price: 65 KWD

Bandwagon Camber ATR – Tequila Sunrise – Standard

Price : 60 KWD

Boomstick Bi Level – Sintered – Merica – 42″

Price: 100 KWD

Jobe Concord Wakeboard Series – Available size 137 and 141

Price: 90 KWD

Conflict Flex Wkb Series Black – Available in 127, 138, 142

Price: 85 KWD

Denunzio Kneeboard – Caffeinated Red / GP Yellow

Price: 43 KWD

Firebolt 46 w/ Child Adj Horseshoe Bindings – Glo Orange / Blue

Price: 100 KWD

Prolix Park Wakeboard Series -138 Jobe


Jobe Shade Wakesurfer Surfboard 

Price: 370 K.D

Paddle Board (free carbon fiber paddle, leash, fins and delivery).

Price: 375 K.D

Inflatable Paddleboard (free carbon fiber paddle, leash, fins )

Price: 39 KWD

Ronix Eight.3 Plug and Play Ballast Bags. 400lbs.

Slam Helmet Black. Available in sizes XS/S/M/L

Price: 47 KWD

Ronix Combo 5.0 Hide Grip

Price: 90KWD

EVO Binding Teal Blue (Pair) Size M

Price: 100KWD

Howl Binding Maroon/Black

Radar Orion Tube

Price: 115 KWD

One Boot – Nuclear Yellow / Black – Intuition – Available size 10

Product description Jobe Accelerate Wakesurfer


Jobe Accelerate Wakesurf

Price: 20 KWD

Coral – Women’s Reversible Front Zip Impact Jacket – Blue / Sid Pink. Available in size XS/S/M

Price: 32 KWD

Radar Decible Front Zip Impact Jacket Titanium. Available in size M

Price: 35 KWD

Axis Smooth Skin Wetsuit Back Zip. Available in sizes S/XL


Pull Pillage Comp Vest Gray. Available in sizes S/M.

Price: 72 KWD

Ronix Links Padded Wheelie Wakeboard Bag

Price: 22KWD

Get your board covered up nice and proper and carry it safely from the car to the cable park with the Ronix Bulwark Neo Sleeve Wakeboard Bag.

One Front Zip Impact Jacket Psycho Green. Available in size M/L
Price : 20 KWD

Radar Hideo – Toddler Life Vest CGA Neon Green/blue

Price: 16 KWD
Keep your gear safe and dry with our dry bag