Bring world-record breaking performance to your day on the lake with family and friends in the Ski Nautique 200 – Open Bow. Whether you’re chasing your dreams or inspiring those who have just started a lifetime on the water; realize your full potential every set with proven perfection.


Precision engineered for all three events the Ski Nautique 200 has achieved the perfect balance of performance. In just seven years, nineteen world records have fallen in five different divisions in slalom, trick, and jump along with course records and personal bests at locations all over the world. These achievements come down to not only providing the best pull, the best handling, and the best wakes, but the ability to deliver these ideal elements consistently; that is record-breaking performance.


The Ski Nautique 200 – Open Bow is available with four JL MX-Series speakers to crank up your set. Upgrade to our MX-Series Premier package to pump up the volume with two additional speakers in the bow along with a 10” subwoofer powered by a 6-channel amplifier.


The Ski Nautique 200 comes standard with the reliable, proven power of the PCM ZR4 engine. Upgrade your performance to the next level with industry-leading technology in the H5DI and H6DI engines that have taken the world by storm producing record-breaking results. Partnering with PCM and GM Marine Engine Technology, Nautique boats power your passion with the very best powertrains in towed watersports.


Dynamic features of the Ski Nautique 200 hull design work together under running conditions for all three events to produce perfect balance. Unrivaled drivability leads the way to a strong consistent pull off the ramp, a perfect trick table and the industry’s softest, flattest, most passable slalom wakes. Our patented HydroGate™ fine-tunes the running surface for each event on the fly giving you a record-breaking pull every set.